Camel Creek

At Camel Creek a total of 28 open pits were historically mined over a 5km strike length with over one million tonnes of ore extracted for treatment via heap leaching. The ore below the pit was sulphide bearing and as such could not be recovered by the heap leach process. Most pits were shallow (12-25m deep) and were still in mineralisation when terminated. Camel Creek consists of 7 granted Mining Leases. Historical exploration was primarily focussed on locating shallow oxide resources for the heap leach operations.

Great Northern Minerals Limited has undertaken a Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling programme at the Camel Creek Gold Project in July 2020. A total of 18 holes for 2516 metres were drilled at Camel Creek testing on nominal 40 metre spacing along approximately 700 metres of previous mined areas at Camel Creek, which had been previously mined to an average depth of approximately 25-30 metres. The holes, were all drilled into the primary zone below the base of oxidation with hole depths ranging from 65 to 197 metres, with an average depth of 140 metres.

Key points:

  • Gold confirmed in every hole establishing strike continuity over 2500 metres – multiple gold mineralised zone layers identified for further testing.
  • High grade results from the one metre split sample results at the Camel Creek Gold Project include:
    • 24m @ 3.55 g/t Au (CCRC12) from 58 metres
    • 8m @ 4.63 g/t Au (CCRC17) from 85 metres
    • 9m @ 4.99 g/t Au (CCRC15) from 109 metres
    • 8m @ 3.27 g/t Au (CCRC07) from 147 metres
    • 4m @ 5.41 g/t Au (CCRC05) from 63 metres
    • 4m @ 5.85 g/t Au (CCRC06) from 88 metres
    • 10m @ 2.14 g/t Au (CCRC16) from 69 metres
  •  High grade four metre composite results at the Camel Creek Gold Project include: 
    •  52m @ 1.90 g/t Au (CCRC12) including 24m @ 3.26 g/t Au from 56 metres 
    • 20m @ 2.26 g/t Au (CCRC17) from 76 metres 
    • 12m @ 4.07 g/t Au (CCRC15) from 108 metres 
    • 12m @ 2.06 g/t Au (CCRC07) from 144 metres 
    • 8m @ 2.10 g/t Au (CCRC05) from 60 metres 
    • 8m @ 2.67 g/t Au (CCR06) from 88 metres 
    • 8m @ 2.91 g/t Au (CCRC16) from 108 metres
    • 4m @ 4.10 g/t Au (CCR06) from 88 metres